In addition to the farm and shop in the village, Emelia constantly looks for ways to generate some additional income for the school. This confirms once again that there is a lot of local support and that Emelia and her team take initiative when they can.

After the success of our shop in the village, Emelia came up with the idea of starting a small shop on the school domain. Here the children can buy cookies, sweets, notebooks and writing supplies during playtime. In the past it happened that children arrived late at school because they first went to buy something in the village. Now that we sell all these things they come straight to school.  As for the little ones, there are fewer tears when mom buys a chocolate for them before she returns home.

Another additional source of income is the sale of Kenkey that Emelia recently started with some women from the village. Kenkey is a local delicacy based on corn, which requires a lot of cooking time. As a result, many people do not bother to make it themselves but they are happy when someone else sells them. The cornballs are wrapped in corn leaves and usually eaten with a fish sauce. Two women from the village help Emelia to finish prepare the Kenkey and one of them joins the school bus in the mornings to sell the stock.

These smaller initiatives not only provide extra income but also create some employment in the village. The women who help Emelia are allowed to keep part of the profits for their work. This way everyone benefits and we can all take a step forward together.