Nana, Emelia’s husband comes from a farmers family and owned an old cocoa plant in the village of Asukese, about an hour’s drive from Asuadei. Since they are married, Nana made the plantation available for the school. In recent years, we helped Nana to upgrade this old plantation. New trees are constantly planted, which, through the good care of Nana and his team, slowly but surely grow into a thriving plantation.

The vast majority of the plants on this plantation are cocoa trees, but there are also fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, on the land. Meanwhile, a smaller plantation with orange trees could also be purchased. These variations not only provide more income but also provide food products that can be used in the school itself to make food for the children. Everything we do not have to buy will keep the costs low. In the end of the ride, this has the same effect as the profit of products we sell.

The first years we mainly invested in the plantation, but in 2015 we saw a small profit for the first time. We anticipate that this profit will continue to rise over the next few years and may form a fixed income source for the school within about three years. To keep the costs low, Nana also dries seeds from the cocoa fruits that he then germinates into new small trees that can later on be planted on the farm.

Meanwhile, we continue with small investments in materials when needed. And Nana and his team continue to make a huge effort to show that almost everything can be achieved with hard work. Even the little ones help during the harvesting season!