Are you among the people that have the need for adventure? Are you looking for an internship abroad? Or do you want to feel how the Ashanti traditions and culture can take your breath away? Akwaaba Asuadei has the perfect solution for it! We are always looking for volunteers!

Volunteer work is a combination of travelling and helping at the same time. During your stay we expect you to help in the school. Most of our volunteers will be teaching classes. Other options like educating our teachers, construction work, book keeping, medical support,… are also possible.  Any idea is welcome! During the weekends, holidays, (or any other time) you are free to travel.

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As for accommodation: we have some basic rooms (with a toilet and shower) at our school compound where you can stay. Emelia and her family will make sure you get the best treatment and (local) food there is. Besides that, you can always get in contact with us in case of any trouble or questions or.

We will provide you with all information regarding visa, vaccinations, money etc. Airport pick-up can be arranged if asked. It is advised to arrange a travel/medical insurance policy. Akwaaba Asuadei will assist you in any way they can, but we cannot provide you with insurance policies.

We don’t charge any costs for our advice or administration, we do ask a small contribution for the cost of the food and accommodation. You can give this money strait to Emelia herself.

If you’re interested in going abroad as a volunteer, just contact us