In the section “current projects” you could read about what we are doing at this moment. Fulfilling one of these project means we are one step closer to our main goal namely to create quality education for the children in our neighborhood.

There are several ways to help us with our current projects.

  • Financial support: For most of our projects we simply need money to be able to buy the necessary materials and to pay the workers. The easiest and fastest way of helping us is through financial support, by donating money for a specific project. For sure we guarantee that your money will go to the agreed on project. We also accept gifts without mentioning a project. In that case we will wisely decide where your donation is used best.
  • Attend/join our activities: Every year we organize a lot of activities like for example our spaghetti festival. We also take part in activities from other organizations like markets, festivals,… By being present on our activities you are taking part in the fundraising because all profit goes to our projects. During our activities we mainly depend on the voluntary effort off friends, family etc., to assist us in making sure the activity is a success. Making this effort doesn’t cost a penny, it only takes some free time to help a good cause.
  • Organize an activity: if you have some organizational talents and want to organize an event or benefit yourself, we can and will provide you with information, pictures, decoration,…
  • Invite us for a lecture: Besides fundraising activities we also give lectures in schools, service clubs, organizations and businesses about our project. In return, most of them give a donation or organize a small fundraising for us although we never ask. To be able to sensitize children or grownups is a gift on itself. Besides that, you never know which contacts you create by meeting people. If you are interested in our lectures, feel free to contact us. Different lectures will be provided for different age groups.

Just remember, without your help we are never able to finish our projects. We are grateful for every effort you make and for every euro you spend. Thank you in advance!