Although we try to keep the costs as low as possible, there are still some daily bills to pay like food, water, electricity, salaries,…

Therefore, the children pay a small daily fee. This fee is meant to pay for the food they get during lunch break, the salary the teachers collect and the fuel for the school bus. In addition to the daily cantine fee, the students pay a small trimester fee to help us pay for other expenses.

The daily fee and the trimester fee are kept as low as possible but in order to keep the school up and running, we need to ask between 97 and 183 euro per school year depending on the distance they travel with our bus. For our boarders it can run up to 400 euro a year (All-in price). This may not seem much but for the families in Ghana it is often more than they have.

For some of our students even this small fee is too much to pay. To help them out we set up an individual scholarship. On the condition that they come to school regularly and they do their best in class, do their homework and show a good attitude (this does not mean that we only select those with the highest scores in class) we will try and find a sponsor for them who pays the fees.

If you are interested don’t hesitate to contact us!