“No man is an island, entire of itself. Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.” 

John Donne (1624)

For Akwaaba Asuadei being a part of the main means that everybody should be able to rely on others in times of need.  Most of us can rely on friends and family in case of emergency but not everybody has that luxury. Step by step we want to create a better place for our students. We want to try to give them a better future by leaving our island and by being part of the main, by being the ones who they can rely on. To make this happen, we need your help as well!

In this section you can read about what you can do. How you can be a part of this school and be a part of this family. Without the help of our sponsors we would not have been able to get this far. We will always be grateful to them!

We insist to be able to guarantee that every euro we receive from our sponsors goes straight to the school. We consciously choose not to work with online paying systems through the website because they charge transaction costs. If you want to sponsor we thereby ask you to do this trough a bank transfer. On the bottom of this page you can find all the payment information.

If the sum of your donations to our organization annually amounts to at least € 40, you are entitled to a tax certificate. Therefore, we will need your address. The certificate will be send by A.M.I.E. association in the year following the donation(s), in time for your tax return. The tax deduction amounts to 45% of the amount actually paid and mentioned on the certificate. (Belgian sponsors)

Please note that you can only obtain a certificate if you pay by bank transfer!


Payment information

All donations or sponsorships can be made at the following bank account. Feel free to contact us with any questions concerning a donation or a sponsorship or the bank details.

Account name:    A.M.I.E. vzw

Kbo nr.                  0420.127.289

address:                Diestseweg 95, 2440 Geel (belgium)

communication: AKWAABA ASUADEI

Iban:                      BE35 9793 2610 7537

Bic:                        ARSPBE22

Bank address:     Argenta kantoor Peter Luijbregts bvba, Pas 5, 2440 Geel (Belgium)