Currently we have two small houses, next to the one were Emelia lives with her family, each with two bedrooms and sanitary. These rooms are mostly used by some of the teachers who stay at the school. As a result, we have to find them a different place to sleep every time a volunteer is visiting the school. In the future the boys in boarding will stay in one of these houses as the dorm room is to big for them. This way we can the big room as a computer class and library.

Also, these houses are placed quite central on the school domain. You will find yourself standing on the playground as soon as you step out of your bedroom. This way there is not much privacy for the people staying in these rooms. Most visitors and volunteers find this is not a problem. Nevertheless, we want to give students from abroad the opportunity to also do their schoolwork properly for their internship without having to hide in their room. And even volunteers who are staying at the school for a longer period may occasionally like some quietness and privacy.

Early 2017, we got the opportunity to purchase an additional piece of land for a very reasonable price with the help of an American volunteer and the Swiss organization Awkaaba Esaase.. This land also gives us possibilities for further expansions in the future.

The idea is to build a house with around four bedrooms. Each room will have a small bathroom with a toilet and shower. Outside there will be a small, separate garden so that volunteers can sit there.

Currently we are handling all the paperwork for the purchase of this additional land and estimates are compared. We also started saving for the new building. Once all this is in order, we hope to be able to begin the work.