In our early years, we had two small houses in addition to Emelia’s home, each with two bedrooms and sanitary facilities. These rooms were mainly used by some teachers who stayed at the school. As a result, they had to find a different place to sleep whenever volunteers wanted to visit our school. We wanted to change this.

In addition, these houses were central to the school domain. As soon as you got out of your room, you were in the middle of the playground. So there was little privacy here. Most visitors and volunteers found this in itself no problem. Still, we wanted to give students the chance to get their schoolwork organized for a foreign internship without having to hide in their room. And also volunteers who stay at the school for a longer period can occasionally use some peace and privacy.

Fortunately, in early 2017, we had the opportunity to purchase an additional piece of land for a very reasonable price, together with an American volunteer and the Swiss non profit Akwaaba Esaase. The construction plans for a decent volunteer house quickly took shape.

We now have a house with six bedrooms, two toilets, two showers and a kitchen. In addition, a small veranda has been added where our visitors can enjoy the sun in peace and quiet.