Nowadays computers are a fixed part of everyday life, even in Ghana. We use them for personal matters but also in the working space we cannot go without computers and I.C.T.. For this reason, I.C.T. lessons are a mandatory part of learning plans. And we want to teach our children the necessary computer skills to give them more opportunities on the job market when they finish school.

By 2015 we collected seven computers and we got the chance to ship them to our school without any cost. A small room was prepared for the computers and the children could actually attend computer classes. Unfortunately the electricity in this room was not resistant to storms. The lack of grounding during lightning caused all computers to break down.

We thought this was really regrettable when we found out about this but this also learned us a lesson. Meanwhile, we were donated ten brand new computers. These will remain in Belgium until we have a proper computer class with decent power so that this will not happen again. In the future we will hire an I.C.T.-teacher who will be responsible for properly maintaining the computers and the classroom.