Water is life.

During the first years water was provided at the school by women who walked up and down to the water well in the village every day. This took an enormous amount of time. Besides that, during dry season, the well in the village was not always sufficient to provide everyone with water. We wanted to provide the school with their own running water as soon as possible. Preferably with a system to filter the water so that it would be drinkable.

By the end of 2013 with the help of an American volunteer we had gathered enough money to start digging. Meanwhile, a platform was built with a height of about three meters. On it we put a large black water tank. Because of its height, some pressure is created in order to let the water flow through some piping and so also provide water for the two houses. Since January 2014 we can open the taps for fresh water.

Early 2017, the water network was extended with a second tank. This one is placed next to the boarding school building in order to also provide the new washrooms with running water. Filling the tank is done by the existing pump of our water well which was specially chosen to have sufficient strength for expansion. The platform for this tank was intentionally made a lot higher to meet future needs.