At the opening of the school in 2010, we possessed a small bus, barely worth of the name. As long as it kept driving and there were not many children in school we were quite happy that we at least had something. After about two years this van no longer met the need to get all students to school on time. Luckily we were already able to save some money and with the help of an American volunteer we managed to buy a second, old bus. Luckily the “new”, blue bus was in a much better condition as the first, even though this too was showing some wear.

Due to the awful roads in Ghana, it was not long before the first bus was nothing more than scrap. The idea quickly came to buy a new bus. This time no cast-off but a decent bus that could last for a long time. However, everything with four wheels costs a lot of money in Ghana, a car is a real luxury product. We wanted to absolutely avoid that we would have to drive this new bus on the bad road to the remote villages every day. This would worsen the shape of this bus fast.

Luckily we were also building a boarding house at that time. It was determined that all children from the villages located on the worst road would have to stay in school. While we were collecting all the money needed, the state of the blue bus worsened every day. It broke down regularly, so the children did not get to school every day. The costs of repairing the bus again and again and renting another bus from time to time became too high. We decided to not spend any more useless money on the blue bus and wanted to sell it as soon as possible. One bus proved to be sufficient with the arrival of the boarding house.

By the end of 2016 we were finally able to buy the new bus. A second hand van, straight from the boat that never set foot on the African roads before. This seemed to us as an ideal choice. The van was converted into a real school bus and was soon on track with our students. This bus is good quality which not only increases comfort but also gives us a much better feeling about the safety of the children. Hiring a new driver who knows very well how to drive safely and cautiously on Ghanaian roads was the icing on the cake! We hope that this bus will last for a very long time.