Originally, six classrooms were provided at the school. It soon became clear that this would nog be sufficient when the number of students continued to grow. So we needed new premises.

Early 2011, we started digging the foundations for the new classes. The new block would be a copy of the existing building and would also count six classes. Brick by brick, each time with a bit of money we collected, construction began.

While some strong men transformed the piles of sand and cement into fast construction blocks, the women walked up and down to the water pit in the village to provide them with water. Soon we finished the first three classrooms. Later we could add another three.


Initially the twelve classrooms were open to minimize the loss of light and to prevent them from getting to hot inside. In 2017 a Belgian volunteer added doors and windows. These windows are not closed but consist of an iron fence. So the classrooms can still be kept open during school hours but it is possible to close everything in the evening. This was necessary especially since we bought many new books the last few years. By closing the classrooms they can be kept safe.