On the 18th of October 2010, Emelia and her husband Nana started a school in Asuadei, a small village in Ashanti Ghana, about 50 km from Kumasi. They named the school “Willy-Taylor Academy”, after the first two volunteers. By starting a school she followed into the footsteps of her father, Kwabena Boateng who build up a school in Esaase (about 30 km from Asuadei). Students from Nursery, Kinder Garden, Primary up to Junior High form 3 are welcome.

Emelia and Nana gave up their “luxury” in Esaase to go and live in a small house near the bush. No running water anymore and hardly any electricity. At that time they had two sons. Nana, four years old, stayed in Esaase because he already went to school there. Kwabena, one and a half years old, came along to Asuadei. By now Emelia and Nana have five sons, who all live in Asuadei.






Their goal was simple. They wanted to give the children in that area the opportunity to go to school. Public schools are free in Ghana. But unfortunately the quality of teaching is very poor. A great deal of private schools are available, but these are very expensive so most of the parents cannot afford the school fees.

Emelia and Nana wanted to do things differently. Every child was and is still welcome in their school. In the beginning they started with one block of six classrooms, some kind of sanitary room, and a playing area. After a couple of months it was clear that these six classrooms were not enough, so with the help of Joke they started to build another six classrooms. Together with Akwaaba Asuadei many more projects followed. For more information you can visit the “Projects” pages.

Emelia can count on the local staff to help her. At this moment she employs 10 teachers, 1 headmaster, 1 driver and 2 kitchen aids. Besides the fixed staff she can always count on the local professionals for all other needed works like building, weeding, roofing,…
She also gets the support of the local king of our town and volunteers from the village.


Most important, The school has about 200 students at this moment. And because sports is an important part of growing up, we also have 4 football teams. From left to right we have Primary Boys, Primary Girls, Junior High Boys and Junior High Girls.

Not only Akwaaba Asuadei is there to help them. They also get support from other volunteers who were there some time. To keep them in honor we raised their flag as well.