Akwaaba Asuadei, which means “Welcome in Asuadei” is a small organization that supports the Willy-Taylor Academy in Asuadei, Ashanti Ghana, West Africa. Together with Emelia Boateng, the director of this private school, and her local staff we try to take the school and the students to the highest level possible.

Our mission: quality education for the lowest price possible for all children in our neighborhood.  By buying food in bulk and set up a good budget managing system we try to keep the cost as low as possible. We do want the parents to contribute a small part too. By asking them to contribute they will take an active part in the future of their children. Also they will be more serious to send their children to school because they paid for it.
Our teachers get guidance from Headmaster Daniel who is a pensioned certificated teacher. He takes part in meetings for private schools and keeps up to date with the official requirements of the office of education. He is responsible for the quality of education in our school.
To make sure all children can take part in our school, Akwaaba Asuadei has a sponsor program to pay school fees and supports them by paying half of the examination fees of the state examination in their final year.

Our Vision: They do it, we support!

Akwaaba Asuadei will support and guide them but we want them to take the ownership off the school. Our long term goal is that the school will be an independent, self-sufficient project. More information can be find on the “self-sufficiency” page.
On short term they still need support for the infrastructure and the management of the school. More information can be found on the “projects” page.
Akwaaba Asuadei will empower them to do this themselves and stimulate them to cooperate with local government systems ( Office of Education, king of the village, assembly of private schools,…)