Akwaaba Esaase is a Swiss non-profit organisation founded in March 2007 by a group of former volunteers who worked at the “Esaase Christian School and Care” (ECSC, formerly ECSO and CHRISFOTEC) in Ghana . In August of the same year, a sister organisation of Akwaaba Esaase was created in Luxembourg. Their main project was the the “Esaase Christian School and Care”. This project has recently finished.

The organisation’s aim is to help disadvantaged children in underdeveloped countries, especially in Ghana, with the main focus on the areas of education and vocational training. The organisation’s philosophy is to help, without interfering in the daily business of the project, with the ultimate goal of leading it to financial independence through their own self-sustainable projects.

To achieve this they aim to:

  • collect funds for specific projects that have been carefully planned in advance
  • organize regular activities outside of Ghana to raise awareness and money (sale of traditional objects from Ghana, participation in different cultural events etc.);
  • recruit volunteers who wish to teach at the school and take part in this intercultural exchange

Since the foundation of the organisation in 2007, a number of volunteers have been helping children, primarily orphans, from the Esaase community and its surrounding villages to receive the best education possible and free access to basic medical care.

In April 2017 they decided to support the Willy-Taylor Academy and join forces with Akwaaba Asauadei. With this new Belgian-Swiss collaboration we are able to expand our fundraising network even further and benefit from their years of experience. We are very grateful to have them as our partner.